Articles that caught my eye this week (or these last couple weeks…) —

1. “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” by Anne-Marie Slaughter in The AtlanticThe former Director of Policy Planning at the State Department and Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University’s article about the persistent barriers women (perhaps family-oriented professionals more generally) continue to face apparently set new web traffic records for The Atlantic.

2. “A Woman’s Place: Can Sheryl Sandberg upend Silicon Valley’s male-dominated culture?” by Ken Auletta in The New Yorker. Considering that long parts of Slaughter’s piece are in discussion with Sandberg — Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer — this article from a week back sheds some light on Slaughter’s.

3. “Political Scientists Make Lousy Predictions” by Jacqueline Stevens in The New York Times. Stevens, a political theorist from Northwestern University, rips into the (alleged) dominance of quantitative research in political science and National Science Foundation funding practices. Equally vitriolic responses here, here and here.

4. “The Billionaire’s List” by Ruchir Sharma in The Washington Post. The analysis isn’t as flushed out as I would have liked, but the crux of the issue becomes really clear and the graphic is great.

5. “Election Forecast: Obama Begins With Tenuous Advantage” by Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight/New York Times. Not exactly from this week, but Silver does awesome work over at FiveThirtyEight and in this post he lays out his methodology and the direction his analysis is going to take over the next few months.